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Georgia native, Matthew Kahler, has been writing songs since childhood. Drumming on anything that made sound and singing aloud was one way to get noticed in a family with nine children.   

In the early 90's Matthew made his way to Atlanta and became a part of the small group of singer-songwriters, who helped form the now legendary community of indie music, put together by Eddie Owen of Eddies Attic fame. Matthew, Shawn Mullins, the Indigo Girls, Jennifer Nettles, Clay Cook, John Mayer,

Andy Offutt Irwin and more started what we now think of as Georgia indie music at it finest. 

Matthew is so respected by his peers that he receives accolades from John Mayer saying "Matthew has written some of my favorite lines." Kristian Bush of Sugarland calls Matthew "the unleashed one", and Zac Brown recalls that  "Matthew Kahler is one of the reasons I started songwriting".  

Matthew has the ability to keep an audience on the edge with his sense of humor and genuine talent.  Live, off the cuff, out of control

and within 3 feet of a mic stand is where

he's at his best! 

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