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Matthew has always admired the works of James Taylor, one of the most notable musicians of our time. Kahler has now ventured further into the musical world of JT by putting together a memorable collection of songs to perform for Taylor's fans who share this mutual admiration. Through many years of intense study and practice, Kahler has captured the very essence of James Taylor himself,  in a way that will cause you to forget who is actually doing the serenading...

Click on this YouTube link to get a glimpse of his live concert

Matthew is available for House or Venue, James Taylor Tribute Concerts-

click link to visit full website and go to "contact" tab to send a message

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 8.59.00 PM.png

"Kahler does Taylor"

Save the Date:

* Sunday October 20 2024

MadLife Stage & Studio- Woodstock GA

4:00 PM - for tickets

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Matthew Kahler
and his
All Star Band

Lee Davis

Gerry Hansen

Michael Steele

Jody Worrell
Electric Guitar
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