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The music of Matthew Kahler is enjoyed and admired not only by his many fans but also by

other artist who recognize his talents and have had the opportunity to work with him in the past.

Here is a collection of comments from his associates, fan base & musical review writers:

John Mayer- "Matthew has written some of my favorite lines"

Kristian Bush of Sugarland calls Matthew- "the unleashed one"

Zac Brown has commented that- "Matthew Kahler is one of the reasons I started songwriting"

Ben Wakeman- "I remember the first time I saw Matthew, it was eye opening and a little frightening. Matthew sings with such intensity, so much joy and so much pain streaming out of one man.

It's a wild ride anytime you are with Matthew..."

Ben Larin- "This very talented singer songwriter musician- completely captured the audience. Matthew's fresh folk style is perfect for those who enjoy beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics-

....a genuine troubadour"

Jim Simpson- "Kahler, with a voice as crisp and brutally fragile as James Taylor’s, alternated between guitar and percussion on Ryan Adams’ “Two.” The song that tugged mightily at my heartstrings was the James Taylor cover “The Frozen Man” 

Cindy Smith- "I had the priviledge to see Matthew live not long ago ... His musical style and talent are amazing! His lyrics touch something deep inside and you come away very moved."

Danielle Boise- "With Kahler’s Taylor-esque sound radiating inside the listening room – he used his soulful, passionate and heartfelt approach to telling a musical story... Kahler is light, fun and an interesting singer/songwriter who is worth seeing live."


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